Understanding ourselves and others might be something we think we do, yet how many times a day do we miscommunicate?

Using many years of skills and experience in the LAB Profile® and the applied psychology of Neuro-linguistic Programming (everything we say and do and beliefs, values and behaviours and more) –  Developing Works can help you get to where you want to be.

Would you like to have a powerful way to understand your and other’s below conscious needs? A powerful methodology that will put you ahead of others, helping you to prevent problems and improve communication and understanding all round?

We realise that you’re not necessarily going to agree because we think it’s a great idea, however please consider what we have to say and read on …..

The LAB Profile® gives you the tools to uncover the deeper meaning of any of those explosive emotions that lurk around, ones we’d rather at times ignore.  The LAB Profile ® gives you the tools to do something to reduce stress and keep things going in a useful way.

Consider how learning relatively using small verbal shifts from the LAB Profile ® will influence major communication problems and open doors to what appear to be closed minds.

Rosie O’Hara and team deliver courses both for Business and in Teaching, Training and Learning, as well as training and coaching in and using the LAB Profile®  – Words that Change Minds, plus bespoke courses for your company or organisation.

We also deliver Sense-Able Learning enabling you and others to become a Tutor of New Tricks with Words®, with a full support package. Enhancing your skills and those of others, as well as providing you with an income stream.

Rosie herself specialises in Leadership Coaching using the LAB Profile® –

Assisting you and your organisation to achieve goals, prevent problems, and improve effectiveness and performance and much more.

Providing language skills and tools for working across cultures be they local, national or multi-national.

Enabling you and others to appreciate diversity and strengthen relationships.

Investing in your own or your staff development will enable you to improve results.

When we understand what motivates us and holds us back at times we can then produce a positive effect in all we do. Even tapping into unlimited potential.

Enabling cape-ability, response-ability and flex-ability to meet the needs of the world today


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