The Best Place to be in the Playground at Work – The Leveller

Remembering the Satir Categories this is by far the best place to be, it’s not always the easiest place to be. Our default behaviours are often governed by nature and nurture.
The LevellerBusiness meeting 1
Levellers have few threats to their self-esteem. Words, voice tone, body movements and facial expressions all give the same message. Levellers apologise for an action, not for existing. They have no need to blame, be subservient, retreat into a computer behaviour or to be constantly on the move. They are great communicators and have the ability to build bridges in relationships, heal stalemates and build self-esteem.

How does a leveller think and behave?
The leveller response is a real-time congruent response. All the other responses are as a result of negative internal feelings causing words and actions to be incongruent. It is very easy, under pressure, to respond to a situation with either ‘it’s not my fault’ or ‘I’m sorry, it’s my fault again’, or to laugh inappropriately or show no emotion at all. None of these behaviours allow you to seek out rational solutions. The leveller response is the most effective behaviour for solving problems creatively:


– Look for solutions
– Have a conscious positive intention (for everyone and everything) behind everything they do
– Hold strong positive beliefs about themselves and others
– Operate from strong personal values
– Store positive mind images (of self and others)
– Have flexibility of behaviour when communicating with others
– Establish rapport before trying to influence

All these attributes can be learned through coaching and effective communication (which is with yourself and others), only by changing yourself can you change others.
It’s useful to bear in mind that emotional maturity isn’t all about behaving and acting professional. It’s also about controlling your anger and your personal feelings in a work context, getting the two things confused is counterproductive. You might disagree with a fellow worker, but that doesn’t mean that you can get angry -or attack them in some way – because they shoved you out of their way. Simply let it go, (breathe) relax, and focus on the task at hand, which is your work. Of course it’s nice to make friends and be sociable at work, the best work environments however are those where there aren’t tangled webs of gossip and relationships that are keeping people from being productive.
If you really want to be professional in your job, you need a professional attitude and environment to work in. Needing to deal or work with people who are less than professional can become stressful, but avoid wasting anyone’s time trying to deal with them or even paying attention to them. Instead, you just let them go and do your job the best that you can. Work is not intended to be boring and repetitive by any means, it is called work for a reason. Socialising and acting silly with your friends after work is fine. Those who are the most emotionally mature (or appear to be so) so the Levellers will be the most successful in the workplace, after all.

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