Sorting Out Your Emotions

Do you hold onto your worries? Hold onto how you might have responded badly to a situation? Let things go round and round in your head?washing

Four methods to help you let go of holding onto negative thoughts:

1) Go to the balcony
Mentally imagine you’re on the balcony (or take a helicopter view, or fly on the wall) and view the scene from that detached position. What’s it like now? Was someone playing games? How will you approach it differently next time?

2) Force field
Imagine there’s a force field between you and the other person. Anything they say bounces off the force field. In future remember that the Force Field can always be there, keeping others’ thoughts, perceptions, words away from you.

3) Balloon
Imagine you have a balloon in which you can put all unwanted emotions and feelings. After you have filled it, watch it float up and way taking those unwanted emotions and feelings, floating up until it hits the stratosphere. Gone.

4) A circle of excellence or confidence
Click here for an audio file, free to download.

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