Freeze Framing or How to Get Things Done – Part Two

If part one (last week) was not compelling enough then try out magicians wandCreating a Compelling Purpose below.
‘Think about what you want and make an image of it, out in front of you, either as a picture or something panoramic (no frame). Add colour to that image and add absolutely anything into that image that you want to happen.
Imagine who will be there, make them up if you need to, just give yourself permission to pretend (for those people who think is difficult – I bet you can imagine (stress about) all sorts of bad things).
Hear the sounds that will be happening, who will be saying what? Will there be any music? Will there be any other sounds. Hear it in surround sound.
Feel how you will feel, notice where those feelings are, inside your body or outside? Do you have a temperature? Do you have a shape or size?
See all of this happening, and hear it in surround sound, and feel it in every cell of your body. Practise this happening, build up the image up with the things you will see and the sounds you will hear and the feelings you will feel and pull this image towards you and then step into all of this, turnaround and check out what it’s like. Step out again and check out what it looks like, sounds like and feels like and keep it at least at arm’s length.’
If you think this is difficult and that you can’t do it, that you can’t see things, start from the sense that is easiest for you, say to yourself ‘feel how it will feel for you or hear what you will hear, what you are saying or what others are saying.’ And then ask yourself to add the parts from the seeing or the feeling. Practise and practise adding bits in, until you can get this whole sensory experience in you r mind. It’s important that you add elements from all the senses.
I once had a course participant who set this kind of Compelling Purpose up and I listened in, whilst she and someone else worked together and I noticed something was missing, so I asked the person working with her, ‘What’s missing?’ He thought a little and said ‘she wants to set up a client-based business, which requires clients to come into her office, and there are no people in what she is seeing, everything else is there.’ Yes and she said she ‘couldn’t put the people in there, as she didn’t know who they were’. This was in May, and do you know what? By December she had given up her business!

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