Dabblers, Hackers, Compulsives, Masters and Mistresses

handsThis quote comes from my mentor John Seymour:
Dabblers . . . get bored and move on

Hackers . . . plateau out at basic skill levels

Compulsives . . . push harder to get to higher plateaus and then burn out

However, masters (and mistresses) continue to practice and refine fundamental skills at every opportunity

He’s talking about people on courses or (for me) where our locus of focus is.

Dabblers are seeking something, they’re never quite happy, they’re looking for something, they never quite finish and they blame other people, other things, they are prevented from doing things by things which (they believe) are outwith their control.

Hackers want to, but they can’t, they believe they are controlled by higher forces, limitations, they want someone to fix them. What I have to change? I have to put some effort into this?

Compulsives push, push the trainer, push the others, push themselves and find it rally hard to listen to others, to watch and observe, to learn from their mistakes and those of others. They are often good are giving advice to others ‘If that were me I would learn from (in NLP terms model) what so and so is doing’ – but they don’t apply advice to self. After all they can do it better.

Masters (and mistresses) continue to practise [and yes in UK English the verb is with an ‘s’] and refine fundamental skills at every opportunity. After all “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect” Vince Lombardi.

After all in the words of the song ‘Pick Yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again’ click here

What (I find) also interesting, is that for Dabblers, Hackers, and Compulsives, there are LAB (Language and Behaviour) Profile Patterns, they are also ones for Masters and Mistresses, the first 3 will have a great deal in common with another and the people will have common patterns, the latter two will be different. After all it’s the difference that makes the difference. Like to know more? Contact us at http://www.developingworks.com http://www.rosieohara.com

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