Monthly Archives: October, 2014

It’s not the same!

In July this year we underwent some rebranding for various reasons.  For some readers of thisrest of your life blog therefore things will not be the same.  Sadly in these days of ever upgrading technology, changing weather, interesting politics, one-upmanship etc.  things do change.  Generally it is that fact of the matter is most people want things to stay the same.

However we intend there to be more of some things and less of others. There will be nothing that is really different and if you’d like to read about something in particular, please get in touch.

Blogging will continue.  There will be more about language and its applications.  If you would like things to improve, get better,. If you;d like to avoid problems of the past and/or achieve a better future and understand others better, then we suggest you stay with this blog.  Only you can decide.

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